Quality oriented, Member oriented, Integrity and transparency

Major Achievements

Our Society has in only the first year been able to accomplish the following.

  1. The payment of Ksh. 50 dividend per share on the paid up shares as at 31 December 2009.
  2. In addition, and due to the impressive results, members got a bonus share issue of 50 shares for every 1 share held. Meaning that members shareholding value went up from Ksh.2,000 which was the minimum contribution for 100 shares to kshs.102,000 for 5,100 shares. This has resulted to a capitalization of kshs.5,150,000 from the surplus to share capital. This represents a 5,000% growth in share Capital within the 1st year.
  3. A very stable financial position enabling the Society to meet its objectives stated above and continue in its phenomenal growth.
  4. Immediate embarkment of a phase 11 land sale project to its members at a discounted price.
  5. Member confidence enabling them to increase their shareholding for better returns in future.