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Posted by Admin on July 27, 2012 at 6:30 AM

Quick Cash:

Introducing Queensway Quick Cash, a new revolutionary salary advance processed on all Tuesdays within 48 hours and require no guarantors.

Non guarantee loans:

Did you know you can apply for Education/school fees loan, insurance loan and medical loan without guarantors? All you need is the original invoice having details of the payee and your loan will be processed. Contact the office for more details.

Queensway Phase 111 land project:

Our Phase 111 land products in Kitengela near K.A.G University are now complete! Please keep in touch for new projects in the near future which will be communicated.

Queensway Housing declares a bonus yet again!

Yes. Following a successful perfomance in the financial year 2012, the Management Committee declared a bonus of one share for every five held by each member at the close of the financial year.

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